Introducing: The Webproxy

We are introducing the brand new service - your gateway to seamless TypeScript module loading directly in the browser.
October 20, 2023
2 min read

In the world of web development, one of the most significant hurdles we face is the need to transpile TypeScript to JavaScript before running it in the browser. This extra compilation step can be cumbersome, time-consuming... and sucks, yeah!

What if there was a way to eliminate this step altogether and work directly with TypeScript in your web applications? Let us introducte, the revolutionary web proxy that simplifies your TypeScript development workflow by enabling you to import TypeScript modules directly in the browser.

Enabling Cross-Environment Development

Web developers frequently work in multiple environments, such as Deno, Node.js, and the browser. Our service transcends these boundaries by making TypeScript modules accessible across various environments, thus promoting code reuse and reducing the need to create multiple versions of the same module for different platforms.


Our service comes equipped with those exciting features:

  • Automatic on-the-fly compilation
  • TypeScript support
  • SASS support
  • JSX support
  • SourceMaps

This means you can effortlessly load modules from common CDNs such as in the browser - just rename to!

How to use

  1. Refactor your imports to use instead:
    import mod from ""
    import mod from ""
  2. If you plan to run a module on both deno and browser environments, please make sure that the module does not use deno-only APIs (such as FileSystem or Network). Otherwise please polyfill those functionality for the browser environment to avoid runtime exceptions.
  3. You are ready! Enjoy improved performance, reusability and efficiency with automatic TypeScript compilation provides by


In an age where efficient development is paramount, "" emerges as a powerful ally for web developers. It bridges the gap between TypeScript and the browser, facilitating smoother, faster, and more efficient development. Give "" a try and experience the future of web development today ❤️!



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